Why is UCLA player out for personal reasons?

Why did Jalen Hill leave for personal reasons?

UCLA forward Jalen Hill announced his retirement from basketball Tuesday via Instagram, citing anxiety and depression among the reasons he’s leaving the sport behind.

What happened Cody Riley?

Forward Cody Riley suffered a left knee injury midway through the first half of No. 2 UCLA men’s basketball’s season opener against Cal State Bakersfield on Tuesday night. UCLA Athletics confirmed Riley would not return to the contest.

Why is Cody Riley not playing?

Riley has been out all year with a left knee injury. Cronin said it was possible for Riley to return against Marquette on Saturday night, but he didn’t. … “We’re like the Blues Brothers now, we’re on a mission from God,” Cronin said Tuesday morning.

Who is injured on UCLA?

With freshman guard Will McClendon already ruled out for the 2021-2022 season after tearing his ACL during a late September practice, No. 2 UCLA men’s basketball (4-0) redshirt freshman forward Mac Etienne is now the second Bruin to sustain an ACL injury prior to the beginning of the season.

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Who is leaving UCLA basketball?

Junior forward Jalen Hill, who left the UCLA men’s basketball team midway through the 2020-21 season for personal reasons, has decided to step away from the sport for good. Hill revealed his decision in a six-minute video posted to his Instagram account on Tuesday.

Where did Cody Riley go to high school?

Sierra Canyon School
Коди Райли/Образование
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