Where do Dartmouth graduate students live?

Dartmouth, which has about 2,000 graduate and professional students, owns student housing at Sachem Village, off Route 10 in Lebanon, which has 255 units, with a total of 527 beds. The institution also has graduate housing on North Park Street in Hanover.

Does Dartmouth have graduate housing?

Find your place. Dartmouth provides several convenient and modern housing options for graduate students and their families. … Designed for graduate students with partners and families, this townhouse complex includes a community center.

Where do grad students usually live?

Many graduate students live in non-university apartment complexes close to campus. Generally, most of the housing in Houston consists of large apartment complexes, smaller apartment buildings, and converted houses for rent. Your options will largely depend on which part of the city you choose to live in.

Can you live in the dorms as a graduate student?

Living on campus is usually the first option a graduate student new to town should investigate. However, most graduate students do not end up living on campus. The majority of grad students end up living off-campus, much more than their undergraduate counterparts.

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Are Dartmouth students required to live on campus?

We consider the residential experience to be integral to life at Dartmouth, and therefore require that all first-year students live on campus in our residence halls. The exceptions to this rule are those first-year students who are parents, married or part of a College-recognized domestic partnership.

Where do Tuck students live?

In New Hampshire, students tend to live in Hanover, Lebanon, West Lebanon, or Lyme. In Vermont, Norwich, Wilder, and White River Junction are popular locations. Advance Transit provides a free public bus service between the Dartmouth campus and nearby communities.

How much is housing at Dartmouth?


Direct expenses billed by Dartmouth On-Campus Residency Local Off-Campus Residency
Housing 10,569
Meals 6,792 3,105
Other expenses – not billed by Dartmouth
Off-campus housing/meals 13,716

Do masters students live in halls?

Many universities now offer halls specifically for postgraduates. While the price and layout of this type of accommodation varies by institution, it’s generally a safe bet for Masters students wishing to live alongside other postgraduates, in a quiet location, with an easy set-up.

Is it better to live on or off-campus as a grad student?

On-campus housing is definitely worth considering, especially if it comes to you at a lower cost. The potential opportunity to save on rent takes the cake as far as pros go; however, the list of plus sides doesn’t stop there! Living on campus can cut down your commute time, allowing you to be near your classes.

Where do graduate students live UPenn?

On-campus housing for graduate students is available in Sansom Place, a high-rise residential community conveniently located on Penn’s campus. Units include fully furnished single rooms and apartments. Sansom Place can be a great option for graduate students new to Penn or the Philadelphia area.

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Where do graduate students live at USC?

Most graduate students prefer to live in privately owned apartments nearby. If you will be living in privately owned housing, you will need to pay the first month’s rent plus a security deposit (usually, an additional month’s rent).

Where do graduate students live UCLA?


The most common neighborhoods where graduate students live are Westwood, Culver City, West LA (Palms, Mar Vista, Rancho Park, Westchester, etc.), Mid-City, Santa Monica, Venice, Silverlake, Downtown LA, and of course on-campus.

Where do grad students live in Seattle?

Most grad students live outside the U-District: Wallingford/Fremont/Ballard (west of the university, along the Burke Gilman bike trail), and Eastlake/Capitol Hill/Central District (south of the university).

What are the best dorms at Dartmouth?

Below are some of the best dorms and housing options at Dartmouth College.

  • Allen House. Address: N/A The Allen House houses several students. …
  • East Wheelock House. Address: N/A This residence hall is home to over one hundred students. …
  • North Park House. …
  • School House. …
  • South House. …
  • West House. …
  • Timberwood Commons Apartments.

Are Dartmouth dorms coed?

Nearly 90 percent of Dartmouth undergraduates live and learn together in residence halls; approved co-ed, fraternity, sorority houses, or undergraduate society houses; and affinity houses centered on academic or personal interests.

Does Dartmouth have a ski mountain?

The mountain

The Dartmouth Skiway has a lift-served summit elevation of 1,943 feet (592 m) above sea level and a base elevation of 975 feet (297 m), yielding a vertical drop of 968 feet (295 m). … The Dartmouth Skiway Ski and Snowboard School has a staff of over 35 instructors.

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