Should I use my university email for LinkedIn?

You should use your personal email address not the school’s. … Your school or work email is for company or school business. Either option will work fine as long as it is a professional name for your personal email.

Which email address should I use for LinkedIn?

Should I use my regular email address when I register on LinkedIn? Most regular email addresses should be fine. However, it is better to use an online Gmail, Yahoo!, Microsoft Online (Hotmail or the newer address), or similar permanent address that you create online.

Is it safe to use university email?

A compromised email account not only disrupts your own email access and personal security, but may have wider consequences to the University – such as blacklisting of our email servers causing email bouncebacks affecting other users and possible corporate data compromise. …

Is it unprofessional to use college email?

The main reason why you should not use a school email on your resume is that it simply looks unprofessional on a resume. … If you want to signal to your school that you have obtained a good education, you could list your school, your major/minor, your GPA, or other achievements instead.

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Can you add an email to LinkedIn?

To add and confirm an email address from your desktop: Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, then click Settings & Privacy and click Sign in & security on the left. Click Change next to Email addresses under Account access. Click Add email address and enter the new email address into the text box.

Is your university email private?

Universities can spy on their students and staff, just as organisations can spy on their employees, by using in-built features into their in-house or cloud hosted email products. … Your email inbox is yours, for only you to see. Nobody without your username or password can see the intimate details of your online life.

What is a personal university email address?

An institution email address is a personal email address provided to you by your institution. This cannot be a general contact email address for your institution or a personal home email address (such as Hotmail, Gmail etc.).

What can I use my university email for?

20 Amazing Discounts You Can Get With a Free EDU Email Address

  1. Amazon Prime. If you have an EDU email, you can grab a six-month free trial of Amazon Prime in the United States. …
  2. Adobe Creative Cloud. …
  3. Spotify. …
  4. Office 365. …
  5. GitHub Student Developer Pack. …
  6. The Washington Post. …
  7. The New York Times. …
  8. Cell Phone Plans.

Do universities check your email?

Universities monitor emails to watch and report any suspicious or illegal activity and ensure appropriate and professional communication between students and staff. Private institutions can monitor emails to enforce student conduct.

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Can I use my university email after graduation?

Yes. You can still access and use your student email (Webmail) account after you finish your studies.

Can you change LinkedIn email?

Step 1: First you need to login to your LinkedIn account. Step 2: After login, you need to click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. Step 3: Next you need to select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown. Step 4: Click Change next to Email addresses, under the Login and security section of the Account tab.

Can you ask a non member for a LinkedIn recommendation?

Unfortunately, you can’t post an “official LinkedIn” recommendation for yourself, even if it’s by someone else. …

How do I find my email address for LinkedIn?

Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown. Under the Sign in & security section, click Change next to Email addresses. You’ll then see the email addresses associated with your account.