Frequent question: Can a student travel in train without ticket?

Can student travel in train without ticket?

Concessions are granted across the counters at Stations/ Reservation Offices/Booking Offices only. If any person enters the train without the ticket or without a proper ticket or he will not be granted any concession in the train, even if he is otherwise eligible for it under the rules.

Can anyone travel in the train without ticket answer?

If you are caught travelling without a ticket on Indian Railways, you’ll face a penalty. You will be asked to pay a minimum fine of ₹ 250, along with the cost of the ticket for the distance you have travelled.

Can students travel by train?

The Western Railways decided to allow teenager students under 18 years of age to travel by local trains despite them not being vaccinated. … Also, if a person is of age less than 18 years. (In the future, when vaccine becomes available for this age group, then this will continue for first 60 days of such availability.”

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Can college students travel in local train?

Students under the age of 18 years and not eligible for vaccination can travel on Mumbai local trains from Wednesday (October 20). … The decision will be a relief for college and school students as they will have an additional convenience of local trains to attend physical classes.

How can a student travel for free in India?

Couchsurfing looks another upcoming option while traveling in India. They connect you with hosts who are willing to allow you to stay at their place for free.

How do college students get railway pass?

Only I-tickets can be exchanged with student concession by presenting the I-ticket and the valid student concession order to the nearest Railway Reservation Office By going to the reservation office along with his journey cum reservation ticket and a request for exchanging the same with the student concession.

What happens if you get caught on the train without a ticket?

As set out under the Penalty Fares regulations, passengers found without a valid ticket for their journey must pay a penalty fare of either: £20. twice the full single-fare to the next station at which the train calls, whichever is the greater.

What if I travel with waiting list ticket?

Please do not board the train under any circumstances if you have a fully waitlisted e-ticket. It gets automatically cancelled on chart preparation and passenger is treated as traveling without ticket in such cases.

What is the fine in railway?

Punishment: Ordinary single fare for the distance which he has travelled or from the station from which the train started and the excess charge i.e. `250/- or equivalent to the fare whichever is more. Punishment :6 months jail, fine `1,000/-or both. Punishment :12 months jail, fine`1,000/-or both. Punishment :3.

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Are below 18 allowed in train?

It includes schools and college students below the age of 18 years, not eligible for vaccination, to board on local trains in Mumbai. Earlier, the Western Railway had decided to allow students under 18 to travel by local trains despite them not being vaccinated.

Is vaccination compulsory for train travel in India?

The state government on Wednesday told the Bombay high court that allowing everyone, irrespective of their vaccination status, to travel by public transport will not only endanger lives but also negate all its efforts taken so far to prevent Covid-19 transmission.

What is the difference between I ticket and E ticket?

Key difference: E-Ticket is an electronic printed ticket. I-Ticket is a ticket couriered to the traveler by the railways. When traveling with the Indian Railways, one has the option of booking their ticket online. … An E-Ticket is an electronic ticket which the traveler can book and print at their own convenience.

Who can travel in local?

At present, only the government employees and essential services staffers are allowed to travel on the suburban locals. All people who are fully vaccinated can board the local trains starting from at least 14 days after receiving the second dose.

Is local train allowed for ladies?

Only the frontline staff and those working in the essential sectors would be allowed to travel by local trains. Though the state government has allowed all women commuter to travel by trains, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has ruled it out.

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Can we travel in local train for vaccine?

“It has therefore been decided to permit all who are fully vaccinated as per the definition of state government to travel in local trains. All fully vaccinated citizens may travel in local and passenger trains on all routes and through all kinds of tickets, including daily tickets.”