You asked: Who is the goat of college football?

Who is the best college football player ever?

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  • Florida State.
  • Herschel Walker.
  • Jerry Rice.
  • Larry Fitzgerald.
  • NCAA football.
  • Peyton Manning.
  • Roger Staubach.
  • SEC football.

Who is the best college football team?


1 Georgia (61) 14-1
2 Alabama 13-2
3 Michigan 12-2

Who was the most dominant college football player ever?

Here’s our list of the 50 greatest college football players of all time.

  • Johnny Lujack, Notre Dame.
  • Mike Singletary, Baylor. …
  • Anthony Carter, Michigan. …
  • Lawrence Taylor, North Carolina. …
  • Eric Dickerson, Southern Methodist. …
  • Jerry Rice, Mississippi Valley State. …
  • Desmond Howard, Michigan. 2 of 50. …
  • George Gipp, Notre Dame. 1 of 50. …

Does anyone have 2 Heismans?

Ohio State’s Archie Griffin is the only two-time winner of the trophy, taking home the award as a junior and senior in 1974 and 1975.

Who is the greatest college wide receiver of all time?

Western Michigan WR Corey Davis

Davis is one of the most prolific receivers in college football history. He finished his career with 5,278 receiving yards, tops in FBS history.

Who is No 1 in college football?

College football rankings: Alabama vaults to No. 1, Notre Dame into top five in CBS Sports 130

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Rank Team Record
1 Alabama 12-1
2 Michigan 12-1
3 Georgia 12-1
4 Cincinnati 13-0

Who has the most losses in college football?

Northwestern Wildcats

Northwestern has an all-time record of 489-632-44, which is one of the worst in the history of college football. In fact, they have the most losses in college football history, one ahead of Indiana, who may pass them in 2012. The Wildcats first started playing football in 1876.