Question: Is the Disney College Program Cancelled?

The Spring 2020 Disney College Program ended abruptly due to the current pandemic and the Fall 2020 Disney College Program was canceled as well, with no re-launching of the program in sight.

Will there be a Disney College Program in 2021?

This year, a Disney College Program is more than just valuable experience and magical moments. Beginning in October 2021, program participants will not only celebrate but help bring to life The World’s Most Magical Celebration as the Walt Disney World® Resort commemorates its 50th anniversary.

Is the Disney College Program Cancelled for spring 2021?

With that in mind, we have made the difficult decision to continue to suspend our Disney College Program until further notice. We regretfully need to advise you that our offer of employment to you is withdrawn. Please be assured that we will refund your program fee.

Are they still doing the Disney College Program?

After suspending the Disney College Program at the start of the COVID-19 closures, Walt Disney World has now announced that the Fall 2020 program, which was set to begin in late August and run through January, has been canceled.

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Is the Disney College Program back?

The Disney College Program is officially BACK as the first participants have been spotted inside the theme parks at Walt Disney World!

What GPA is required for Disney College Program?

Your cumulative GPA must be at least 2.0 by the time you leave for Florida or California. (a 1.999 is not acceptable). In the semester prior to participation in the College Program, you must be registered for, and passing, at least two academic courses (excluding TRS courses) with a C or better grade.

How long does it take to hear back from the Disney College Program 2021?

Acceptances may start within two weeks of applications going live and will continue up through the very end of the recruitment period. We’ve heard of applicants being offered roles anywhere from three days after their phone interview to as late as a week before a program starts. Be prepared to be flexible.

Can you do the Disney College Program over the summer?

A summer-only season is periodically offered for Disney College Program Alumni (previous participants who have successfully completed a program). First-time participants are not eligible to apply for the summer-only season, due to the extremely limited number of openings and the brevity of the program.

How much do Disney College Program get paid?

Disney College Program Salaries

Job Title Salary
Walt Disney Company Disney College Program salaries – 187 salaries reported $11/hr
Disney Parks Disney College Program salaries – 163 salaries reported $11/hr
Walt Disney Company Disney College Program salaries – 45 salaries reported $12/hr
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Is the Disney College Program worth it?

There’s a huge time difference. If you’re able to live independently, I think this program is very brilliant.” If you’re up for testing out your self-sufficiency and independence a few states (or an entire ocean) away from home, then the Disney College Program might be worth a shot!

Is there an age limit for the Disney College Program?

The program recruits college students (ages 18 and older) of all majors for a semester-long paid internship program working at either the Orlando or Anaheim resorts, with the option of extending to almost a full year.

Is Disney College Program free admission?

Complimentary Tickets

After becoming official, DCP cast members are able to enjoy complimentary admission to Disney’s theme parks, which are subject to block-out dates and other restrictions. … After working your first 150 hours, you’ll earn your first set of complimentary tickets.

How much does a Disney employee make?

How much does a Cast Member at Walt Disney Company make? The typical Walt Disney Company Cast Member salary is $13 per hour. Cast Member salaries at Walt Disney Company can range from $9 – $19 per hour.

What dates are the Disney College Program?

The DCP is currently recruiting for program arrival dates between January 10, 2022 and April 2022. Disney says departure dates will begin no earlier than June 2022.