How do I enroll in Wake Tech Community College?

Can anyone go to Wake Tech?

Anyone wishing to attend Wake Tech must complete the online Application for Admission at … A visiting student applicant is any applicant planning to enroll in one or more curriculum courses but not pursuing admission into a degree, diploma, or certificate program.

How do I register for classes at Wake Tech Community college?

Self-Service is your all-in-one registration tool!

Visit From there you can search for classes, plan them for current and future terms, and then register for those classes right from your planner.

What GPA do you need to get into Wake Tech Community college?

Have an unweighted, cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher on high school courses; or. Demonstrate college readiness in English, Reading, and Mathematics on an assessment (See Attachment A below); or. Have the recommendation of the high school principal/designee and his/her rationale (in memo form) in place of GPA requirement.

Is Wake Tech Community college free?

RALEIGH, N.C. (June 29, 2020) – Wake Tech students won’t pay college-wide fees this fall. Under Wake Tech’s “No Fee Fall” initiative, students in degree programs will pay the cost of tuition and books, but will not be charged the usual college-wide technology, student activity and campus access fees.

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Does Wake Tech have an application fee?

Wake Technical Community College does not charge application fees, with the exception of a $40.00 application fee for International Students.

Can you stay on Wake Tech campus?

Wake Technical Community College does not have any dormitories, residence halls, or on-campus housing. All students must arrange for housing in the Raleigh area.

What is registration priority at Wake Tech?

Payment & Deadlines

Spring 2022 Registration Priority Dates
Registration Dates & Times for Continuing Students
Wake Tech Credits* Completed by August 1, 2021 Registration Date Registration Time
95+ November 1 7:00 AM
86-94 November 1 9:00 AM

What is the tuition for Wake Tech?

Dropping. While not as ideal as taking and passing a course, dropping a course has the fewest negative repercussions of the options included here. “A drop from the course is usually done early in the semester and has no impact on the student’s grade, GPA or transcript,” Croskey says.

Does Wake Tech require SAT scores?

Admission and Placement Based on SAT Score

*Scores must be less than ten (10) years old at the time you apply to Wake Tech.

Is Wake Tech a good school?

Best Value Schools (BVS), a college search guide for students, ranked Wake Tech number one for its “overall variety, affordability, and quality.” BVS was impressed with both the quantity and variety of Wake Tech’s online programs, and its low tuition and strong retention and graduation rates got high marks as well.

How long does it take to hear back from Wake Tech?

Our processing time is two weeks after your application is complete. However, if your application is complete extremely early, you will receive your I-20 3 ½ months prior to the required check-in date for the semester.

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