International Civil Engineering Competition

About ICEC

The International Civil Engineering Competition (ICEC), is the newest addition to our main events. It is a competition made by students for students, which has as a main purpose to challenge the participants with real practical problems, testing their engineering abilities in various civil engineering fields and giving them the opportunity to compete on an international level.

ICEC is organized annually and it’s open to all students, IACES members or not, in order for us to be able to reach as many civil engineering students as possible.


Event description

The International Civil Engineering Competition (ICEC), is composed of two phases the Local Stages and the Final Stage.

During the Local Stage the Local Committees organize a challenge for the students of their university in a topic of their choice. The Local stages can take place in the first half of the year and until the end of April. After evaluating each team, the winner qualifies to the Final stage.

The Final Stage is hosted by one of our Local Committees, which has been chosen during the ACCESS, and takes place during the summer. The winners of the local stages have the opportunity to compete with civil engineering students from different parts of the globe and ultimately win a prize. For us however, all the participants are winners because we consider the experience, gained through the fun and exciting challenges, to be the most valuable prize offered in this extraordinary event.



Challenge description

The ICEC will give its participants the challenge of competing in the different Civil Engineering fields of work. The competition should include at least between three or four different challenges from:

Structural Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Transportation engineering

construction management engineering

Hydraulic Engineering

Urban and Community Planning

Are you interested in participating in ICEC?