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if your university has a Local Committee:

If your university has a Local Committee that is already a member of the IACES network, you only have to contact them to join their LC. Find out if your campus has a Local Committee

If your university doesn’t have a Local Committee:

If you are a Civil Engineering student who is not part of any civil engineering association at your university (other than IACES), please be aware that for you to start a Local Committee you must “create” an association at your university or contact an existing one, as it is the only way to be accepted into our network.

To set up a Local Committee in your University, please go through all the files in the Local Committee package, paying special attention to the file regarding the “Formal Procedures”.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It’s formed by a local board and its other members.

The board must be formed by at least three members: President, Treasurer and Secretary. However, other positions can be added to your Local Board, in function of your necessities. (For example: Vice President, Ambassador, Human Resources Coordinator etc.).

  • At your Local Committee, you can organize Local and International Events., such as: Contests, Technical Visits, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Exchange weeks, Trips, Solidarity Activities etc.
  • Many universities provide funds for student projects. Your LC can also apply for a project funded by the state. For this it is recommended that you look for other organizations or students in your own country to know how these processes take place. Getting in contact with companies and asking for sponsorship is also a good way of fundraising.
  • We advise you to contact the professors of your civil engineering department to tell them about IACES and your Local Committee, you could ask them for their support and their participation in your future activities. Also, don’t forget to create an account for your LC on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).