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Internal Regulations

Name Date Description PDF
Internal Regulations
2017-11-26 12:09:16 Updated Version ACCESS Porto, October 2017 fad881f456.pdf

Other Documents

Name Date Description PDF
Formal Procedure for new LC
2016-09-20 18:43:51 Formal Procedure to set up new LC 18788e2f47.pdf
Finances ( IAF and Donations)
2016-09-15 17:25:00 IAF-INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIE FEE 578fc76d03.pdf
Iaces Logo
2015-09-24 17:22:54 IACES Official Logo c2f3dcfb5a.pdf
Iaces Hymne
2015-09-24 17:21:59 IACES HYMNE 866425633e.pdf
General Statues
2015-09-24 17:10:42 Last update in pdf version 56b2d3e415.pdf

IACES Timeline

International Association of Civil Engineering Students

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  • ECESA-Ethiopian Civil Engineering Students Association
    FENEC Brazil- National Federation of Civil Engineering Students
  • ALEIC-Latin Association the Civil Engineering Students


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    LC Cairo
  • LC Belgrade
    LC ITU
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