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IACES Timeline


International Association of Civil Engineering Students

In September 1989 Civil Engineering students from various European countries cam together in Delft for the first Academic Congress of Civil Engineering Students or, in short, ACCESS.

The aim was to discuss the possibilities of Improving contacts between civil engineering students throughout Europe.

At the end, the International Association of Civil Engineering Students (IACES) was established.

During its growth, the organization has established contacts in more than fifty Universities in and outside Europe. The major aim of IACES was the development of contacts between civil engineering students in the world. Nowadays IACES is present at civil engineering Faculties around the world, in the form of the Local Committees (LCs) or Contact Persons (CPs).

The students who are active in IACES arrange a lot of different international activities. By taking part in IACES activities students can exchange opinions, experiences, discover new possibilities and understand how to handle engineering problems or situations.

The structure of IACES Consists of all independent Local Committees, with Their own members.

Looking further we plan for our goals and aspirations for our work in order to Increase Our Engineers Association and ourselves.



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  • ECESA-Ethiopian Civil Engineering Students Association
    FENEC Brazil- National Federation of Civil Engineering Students
  • ALEIC-Latin Association the Civil Engineering Students


  • LC Bogazici
    LC Budapest
    LC Thessaloniki
  •  LC Colima
    LC Xanthi
    LC Cairo
  • LC Belgrade
    LC ITU
    LC Khartoum
  • LC Monterrey
    OG Mostar
    LC Karlsruhe