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Structure of IACES

Any civil engineering student can be a member of IACES. Persons supporting IACES can also become members.

The Local Committee (LC) is an official representing IACES section with at least three active members at the University. Local Committees organize activities such as exchanges and courses, attract and fellow students at their universities to become active members by promoting local and international activities.

The Contact Person (CP) is the official contact of IACES at universities where the Local Committee exists.

The General Assembly of Representatives (GAR) is the parliament of IACES and makes decisions on general affairs. It assembles at least once a year.

The Coordination Centre (CC) is the secretariat of the association. One of its main tasks is to publish the IACES Newsletter. The CC is hosted for a one-year period by one Local Committee.

The General Board (GB) represents IACES on an international level. The GB has five members from four different countries and are all elected by the GAR.

The Alumni Club (AC) was founded in 1993. It gives the former graduated IACES member but also every other graduated Civil or Environmental Engineering student good opportunities to stay in contact with colleagues. Its members support IACES work and are informed about current IACES activities.




IACES Timeline

International Association of Civil Engineering Students

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  • ECESA-Ethiopian Civil Engineering Students Association
    FENEC Brazil- National Federation of Civil Engineering Students
  • ALEIC-Latin Association the Civil Engineering Students


  • LC Bogazici
    LC Budapest
    LC Thessaloniki
  •  LC Colima
    LC Xanthi
    LC Cairo
  • LC Belgrade
    LC ITU
    LC Khartoum
  • LC Monterrey
    OG Mostar
    LC Karlsruhe