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Setting Up a LC

Setting Up a Local Commite

If you want to be a member of IACES, you have to join the IACES Local Committee at your University. If there is none, you can join IACES by creating a new Local Committee! To set up the Local Committee in your University, please go through the Local Committee package. Read through all files and pay special attention to the file Regarding the "Formal Procedures".

The Following advices might help you through the early stages of creating a new LC IACES and understanding.


Organization Committee of the Local Committee

The Local Committee is formed by the board and its members. This should be a group of motivated people, not only interested in organizing activities for the civil engineering students of their university, but also with motivation and will to connect and share knowledge with students from other countries.

The board must be formed by at least three members: President, Treasurer and Secretary. 

However, there can be other positions such as vice-president, external relations.


Activities - What to do?

This is the main question shows that up When there is the idea of ​​creating the Local Committee. Actually, there are kinds of activities that have been repeating throughout the years. However, with creativity and originality LCs can do many more different activities.

Internationally, the Local Committee can organize the following types of exchanges.


The course consists of the workshop / seminar with lecturers from universities and companies, which shouldnt be focused on a specific theme. Also, some construction sites can be visited.

In the end, the collection of the information and contents of the course should not be published on the website.

Week Exchange

This is a common activity of IACES, which consists of a week where people from many Local Committees come together in the city of the organizing Local Committee to take part in cultural and technical trips, as well as in social activities (sports and contests).

Normally it is a relaxed week, where many people from different countries get to know each other and increase their contact network.

LC visits

Typically, this kind of activity during one Local Committee invites another Local Committee (can be 2 or 3, but not more) to spend some team together for a weekend. This time can be spent with cultural / social activities, as well as technical trips.


The LC can organize a contest that can also be attended by non-members of IACES. It might be, for example, the bridge contest or case study contest.

Also, smaller but still interesting activities can be organized locally by the Local Committee to the students of its own university.

Remember all these activities shouldn't be focused on the main or multiple themes! This way, you keep the uniqueness and identity of your activities!


Fundraising - How to get financial support?

The Local Committee needs money to fund their activities, so the  registration prices are the lowest  possible. For that, the Local Committee can take the following fundraising sources:

Subsidies from University or State

Many universities provide funds for student projects. Therefore, the LC can try to apply for these subsidies.

Also, some student unions' funds are redistributed to the student organizations in the university.

At last, the LC can apply for a project funded by the state. For this it is recommended that the LCs looks for other organizations or students in their own country to know how this kind of processes take place.

Sponsorship from companies

Getting in contact with companies and ask for sponsorship is a good way of fundraising in IACES. It also provides the students with contacts within the companies, that may in the future be an open window for partnerships in activities (eg organizing excursions).

The best way is to contact the company directly.

Spreading the word - How to promote the new LC?

After you created a new Local Commitee in your university, you want to advertise your activities, so there will be more interested participants gather and perhaps people willing to join your LC.

To achieve this, we advise you to first contact your professors of civil engineering department to tell them more about IACES and ask for their support and participation in activities (the lecturers or judges, for example).

Also, it is recommended that your LC is well represented in social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Finally, if the amount of activities and the dimension of the LC require, it might be reasonable to have a website to Improve the image and online presence.

For further explanations and questions, please do not hesitate to contact the General Board via gb@iaces.com

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