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The raise of L.C.Belgrade

The raise of L.C.Belgrade
15:00:58 11-11-2015 General Board LC article


LC Belgrade started as an interesting way to create a strong cooperation between students within University of Belgrade itself but then it involved into an international scale. LC Belgrade quickly became an essential part of IACES international network, orderly hosting international activities each year and half.

Due to a change in the national education structure in the country and the establishment of a Bologna system, students had to adapt to the extreme rhythm of studies and saw a decrease in their free time, thus, members of LC couldn’t afford to attend meetings nor to attract new members and by 2012. LC Belgrade seized all activities.

It was until summer 2015. when we Jovana Cajkovic, Milena Popovic and Tijana Kalaba made a decision to reactivate LC Belgrade  and to come back on the international scene by participating in ACCESS’15 in Istanbul.

LC Belgrade Statement:

Feeling the spirit of IACES and involving into a huge family started the idea about organising Mid-Term Meeting in Belgrade.

By spreading our impressions, a lot of people joined our LC. Besides enthusiasm, there is a desire for re-establishment of old values and IACES tradition with the help of alumni members. Thanks to all the support of faculty, University and foundations that were set up by our alumni club, we are able to put our ideas high and to accomplish them.

Mission of new LC Belgrade is to introduce IACES to all students like one more school that every civil engineering student should participate in because of the feeling of belonging, opportunities that it provides you, eternal friendships and fun.

We are looking forward to keep the synergy with the other LCs.





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