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Want to help IACES and future Civil Engineers ?


IACES main goal is to make the bond between future civil Engineers all over the world stronger; Give them the opportunity to see how the Construction Reality is around the world, visiting the most important construction sites, having multicultural experiences worlwide in the civil engineering environment.

As we are a non profit Association, so that we totally depend on the students motivation and the interest of the companies that care about the 'Future' Engineers;

This way, we are looking for support of your company in order to help civil engineering students........

IACES Timeline

Once upon a time......


  • ECESA-Ethiopian Civil Engineering Students Association
    FENEC Brazil- National Federation of Civil Engineering Students
  • ALEIC-Latin Association the Civil Engineering Students


    LC Xanthi
    LC Cairo
  • LC Belgrade
    LC ITU
    LC Khartoum
  • LC Tirana
    LC Monterrey
    LC Mostar
  • LC Banja Luka
    LC Bucharest
    LC Gothenburg