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Civil Istanbul 2016

Civil Istanbul 2016
13:12:41 20-12-2015 General Board INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE




The event is over.

16-03-2016 to 18-03-2016



Civil Istanbul Engineering Conferences which was organised by Yıldız Technical University Construction Society for the first time  on March 2012. This year it is organised the fifth one at YTU-Davutpasa Cultural Center.


Main purpose of this great organization is being a bridge which brings civil engineering and architecture students and the business sector together and allows them to recognize the professional world.


In 15-21 March 2016, there will be some events as conferences, workshops, visiting construction sites, human resources stands  with supports and participations  of big companies that are on top of list. Moreover, participants will have a certificate that they can use on their CV which has confirmation by YTU.

And of course fun is one of the biggest part of Civil Istanbul. A lot of parties, city tours, gifts, concerts and surprises are waiting for you. Participants of this event will spend a week with fascinating beauty of Istanbul.


Above all, you are gonna make memorable friendships.


You will be able to apply on December 18th.

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