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13:59:11 12-12-2015 General Board International Congress




The event is over.

06-02-2016 to 12-02-2016


Since 2006, Muhendislige Hazirlik Kulubu (Civil Engineering Society) has been organising Civil Engineering Convention to broaden civil engineering students' perspective. Organised nationally at first, Civil Engineering Convention turned into an international organisation in 2013 and has been hosting civil engineering students from all around the world to participate since then. This year it is organised internationally for the fourth time. Come and join us for CivilCon 16!

 What is CivilCon ?

   CivilCon is revised form of “İnşaat Mühendisliği Semirleri” organised by MHK since 2006. With new name, content of this event renewed for participant to knit up future colleagues through social/technical activities and contests.

    As Istanbul Technical Univercity, Mühendisliğe Hazırlık Kulübü traditionalized events objective is meet up future civil engineers with colleagues, gain insight about their course. With elite peoples seminars, HRs workshops aimed to give experiences cannot able to given through univercities, raise awareness about professional business life.

    ITU Civil Engineering ranked 46. on World science quality. This is triggering us to expand our target audience. This is why we are expecting foreign participants for CivilCon’16 like as CivilCon’15. We are aiming to cover expenses of 80 foreign and 50 Turkeys other cities participants 7 days hosting, in Istanbul tranportation,and lunch and dinner. Besides, there will be 300 people quota for ITU and other Istanbul Univercities. Seminars will be done in ITU Suleyman Demirel Cultural Center.

   In conclusion, this is a student organisation for enjoying while learning, expanding your network while learning, catching opportunities while expanding your network.

   Past CivilCon Events 

   Since the first event took place in 2006, our conference continues with earnings every year.  Until now, there have been guests who are closely involved in construction industry and known as scientists throughout the world. These distinguished guests are from Academic Lecturers of ITU as Prof. Dr. Zekai CELEP, Prof. Dr. Zekai ŞEN, Prof. Dr. Mahir VARDAR and Chairman of the Board of the Yapı Merkezi Holding Ersin ARIOĞLU, Member of the Board Directors of Dumankaya Uğur DUMANKAYA. CivilCon’16 and the future conferences will keep having such respectable guests.

   The event is being held internationally since 2013. CivilCon hosted 350 participants in 2013, which included 20 foreign, 30 accommodated Turkish participants together with 300 participants from Istanbul and different universities without accommodation. CivilCon’14 hosted 350 participants of which 60 were foreign and 30 were Turkish accommodated participants. Last year, CivilCon’15 also hosted 400 participants which included 100 foreign, 50 accommodated Turkish participants. Seminars are being held in ITU Suleyman Demirel Cultural Center.

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