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DE&CO Design and Construct 2016

DE&CO Design and Construct 2016
21:29:06 14-12-2015 General Board International competition




The event is over.

13-04-2016 to 16-04-2016


As one of the most important student organizations in Boğaziçi University, DECO (Design & Construct) is a bridge competition steel held by Boğaziçi University Construction Club since 2007. This Europe's one of a kind competition is held in the unique atmosphere of Boğaziçi University South Campus with participants BOTH from Turkey and Europe. The aim of the competition is to create an opportunity for civil engineering and architecture students from different universities / countries to meet, to present the bridges que They designed, and compete against time and other students; Also Them and introduce the historical and cultural places of Istanbul. The competition Consists of two stages. In the first stage, the competing teams are going to build Their bridges in the South Campus Square and the bridges are going to be Evaluated by the jury According to Their aesthetics. In the second stage, where the real competition holds, the teams are going to build the bridges the fast as possible in the South Campus parking lot. This time the bridges are going to be Evaluated According to workmen - time efficiency, dead weight efficiency and displacement efficiency. Vertical and horizontal weight tests are going to be applied to the bridges. After These Evaluations, According to general performance points, the teams que complete the competition of the first 3 will get the reward. The competition will be closed with the presentations of sponsor companies and the award ceremony. Thanks to Design & Construct, theoretical lessons are turned into live applications by more than 100 students each year in the magical atmosphere of our university. During this competition, in Which the important construction companies have stands, students can meet the Representatives and get internship and career advices.

For further information please contact LCBoğaziçi in the below link:






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