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We Build the Future

We Build the Future
13:59:28 12-12-2015 General Board INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE




The event is over.

16-11-2015 to 19-11-2015


'' We build the future '' is architecture and civil engineering students congress organized by Students Association of modern engineering, Student Parliament of Architecture and Civil Engineering Faculty of the University of Belgrade, Which is going to be held on the 16th through the 19th of November 2015 in Zlatibor, Serbia.  The aim of this meeting is Primarily to gather students of civil engineering and architecture who will get Introduced to the modern trends of science and get familiar with different approaches of resolving specific problems in the fields of construction, architecture, urban planning and environmental protection. During the course of the several days, renown experts will share Their knowledge and expertise and through the lectures (workshops) They will give students the opportunity to professionally Improve. The congress has an evening program que is dedicated to socializing and relaxing from the daily lectures where participants will have the opportunity to network, exchange experiences and establish long-lasting professional contacts for future collaborations. Congress participants will be accommodated in Hotel '' Ratko Mitrovic ''. Participation fee for participants is 6400 RSD or 55 € and includes three nights in a hotel with three meals per day, access to all hotel facilities, bus transportation from Belgrade, as well as all follow-up activities. For participants who go by Their Own transport, the price will be reduced by 1000 RSD. 





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