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15:24:44 08-09-2018 LC METU ACCESS


Ankara, Turkey


The event is over.

08-10-2018 to 14-10-2018


Dear IACES family!
As you might know, Academic Congress of Civil Engineering Student (ACCESS) will be held in Ankara, Turkey this year. During the event, there will be various activities aiming for participants to learn deeper about civil engineering based issues, while engaging with the international network of IACES, having lots of fun.
The most important event of this year, ACCESS’18 will be held between 8-15th of October. Through this page, you can examine the event schedule and apply! However, there can be small changes in the schedule, so we recommend the participants to check this website regularly.

For further questions, you can reach out our organizers through this page or directly mail METU LC.

Participation fees for the event of this year are determined as given below*:

For the participants who are undergraduate:

A Countries – 150€

B Countries – 135€

C Countries – 120€

For the alumni who have been a graduate for 1 year:

A Countries – 175€

B Countries – 165€

C Countries – 160€

For the alumni who have been a graduate for more than 1 year:

A Countries – 205€

B Countries – 185€

C Countries – 170€

Please consider that there will be (max) 3 participants per each LC and LCs should send us the name of each participant.

Further information about the event and the city will be shared here http://iacesmetu.org/access18/ and through e-mail.

Here, you can find the application form and the schedule of the event.

Shedule: http://iacesmetu.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/ACCESS18-Schedule.pdf





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