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Design & Construct 2018

Design & Construct 2018
17:09:25 03-01-2018 LC Boğaziçi International competition


Istanbul, Turkey


The event is over.

11-04-2018 to 13-04-2018


It's the annual international steel bridge competition of Bogazici University Construction Club que Has Been active since 2007 with participants from different universities.

Besides being one of the most important construction competitions in Europe, A & CO Creates the chance for you and your teammates to prepare the project, to co-operate, to earn the experience of participating in an international competition, to form new friendships and even to bring in monetary award.

& Co of 18 'will be take place on 11-12-13 of April but competitors are supposed to be in İstanbul 8th of April. Design & Construct Comprise other events except for the competition. The events cover the entire week so competitors have a chance to meet each other and enjoy at our other events.

You can Participate our event as a competitor or observer.

Regulation of In & Co and application details is available on our website. http://boundeco.org/en/regulation/ After looking through our Rules and Regulation file, shouldnt you form your team of 4-5 participants and send us your project before the deadline of applications. If you pass the preselection process, you can build your bridge with your team and pick your spot in the South Campus! Do not forget to follow our website and social media accounts. http://boundeco.org/en/home/ https://www.instagram.com/buyap_/ https://twitter.com/BUYAP_




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