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Past and future,
History and technology,
That's the civil engineers link use to construct buildings with the power of the future's change and the strength of the history's legends.
Histotech event is waiting for you in the country which can describe Both, history and technology, perfectly. For all the civil engineering enthusiasts, you are about to be welcomed in Egypt!
Egypt is currently facing Numerous challenges and we have moved to Solve Them. From the construction of the new administrative capital, the biggest power plant in middle east & Africa, the largest archaeological museum in the world "Grand Egyptian Museum" & new extension for the Suez Canal, the spirit of the pharaohs is revived again and it is all by the works of Egyptian civil engineers. We are building Egypt's future on the foundation of History, that's our theme and our reality.
In histotech, you will have the chance to go to some of the above-mentioned projects and know more about Their construction and in addition to this you will attend a number of interesting seminars by one of the leading companies in the construction of mega projects where Introduced you will get to all the new technologies They used and the tricky They faced challenges.
Scan Pyramids will be there too, Cairo University Faculty of Engineering & HIP institute are holding an observatory project to see the secrets inside the pyramids with the aid of infrared. They are literally seeing through the pyramids solving mystery 4500 years ago. Our participants will have a taste of that project Knowing its updates until now.
You can not visit Egypt without passing by a number of historic destinations, so prepare yourself for a number of interesting visits to not only the pyramids but much much more! The Citadel, El Hassan Moez street and Sultan Mosque are here included in the same package !!

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