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LC Karlsruhe

LC Karlsruhe

About Us

We are the Local Committee of Karlsruhe, a city in the southwest of Germany, and consist of civil engineering students of all semesters from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the University of applied siences Karlsruhe. Currently we have 15 active members in the LC. What are we doing and what are our goals? We organize activities at local level, ie we go on excursions to construction sites to heavy equipment manufacturers, to contractors, etc. We then have the ability to project the learned in the lecture material to the practice on the ground. Each member has the opportunity to participate in international exchanges and to establish contacts with foreign students of civil engineering.


LC University Karlsruhe is an approved group of students and consits of the Karlsruher Institute of Technology and the University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe. Currently about 15 Students of all semesters are Actively part oft the family IACES. We were founded in 2006 and Became a registered association in 2010. The current board, built up of Marvin Steiner, Lucas Alcamo and Annika Grefenstein, was elected in February 2017.

Technical Trips


Bauma 2010

An excursion is a technical visit to the construction site, construction machinery manufacturer, building materials suppliers, etc .. It Usually lasts one day and is Intended to give an insight into the practical work fields of a civil engineer and make the mediated from the lectures tangible in nature.
Each semester will be one to two Such excursions organized by the members Themselves.

Here you come directly to the reports of the most important trips of the last years:

Excursion to the precast concrete factory Schäfer 2016

Visiting the construction machinery trade fair bauma 2016

Excursion to the Park Tower in 2014

Visiting the construction machinery trade fair bauma 2013

Excursion to the company Schäfer reinforced concrete

Visit the Construction Exhibition 2010 Bauma




Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Kaiserstraße 12 76131 Karlsruhe email:kontakt@iaces.kit.edu



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