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LC Gothenburg

LC Gothenburg

About Us

VIC-IACES is the International Committee of the civil engineering department at Chalmers. We arrange events to form fellowship between students from all around the world at Chalmers, especially at the V-department. If you have any ideas about what you would like us to organize, please send us an email or write on the wall. You can also read more about the V-department and the different societies that are active in the department at our website.


We are seven students in the committee:
President: Sara Nero
Vice president: Linnea Thörn
Treasurer: Martina Svantesson
Secr etary: Ivo Jaanisoo
IACES: Raju Jaiswal
PR: Thomas Postma
Master PR: Guillermo Sibaja Endonio






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International Association of Civil Engineering Students

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