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ALEIC-Latin Association the Civil Engineering Students


The Latin American Association of Civil Engineering Students (aleic) is a network of civil engineering students seeking Latin American Union and promote actions to promote professional development, academic, social and cultural development through the exchange of knowledge and experiences of each of its partner countries.


Aleic is integrated by the National Association of Civil Engineering Students (ANEIC) que exists in each member country, but Also in pursuit of the Latin American Union to include countries que are in the process of creating the ANEIC.

Currently ANEIC countries and its Representations (Rep.) Members are: ANEIC Argentina

ANEIC Chile  

ANEIC Colombia

ANEIC Costa Rica

ANEIC Ecuador

rep. ANEIC Guatemala

rep. ANEIC Honduras

ANEIC Mexico

ANEIC Nicaragua


We operate by H. aleic Assembly, Which Consists of the Latin American Ambassadors Steering Committee and for the country aleic each ANEIC. Our main activity is the annual Latin American Congress of Civil Engineering Students (COLEIC), where we meet the H. Assembly aleic is making important Decisions:

* Feedback new Presidency and Latin American Steering Committee

* Feedback host the next edition of COLEIC

* Ratification and senior members aleic new ANEIC

* Presentation national activities for the benefit of aleic * Linking countries and universities where there is ANEIC

* Strategic planning agreements with Professional Organizations




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