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FENEC Brazil- National Federation of Civil Engineering Students


Founded on April 12, 2013 in Florianópolis / SC, the National Federation of Civil Engineering Students (fenec) was created During the last plenary session of the second edition of the National Meeting of Civil Engineering Students (ENEC) Which was Attended by about 1,200 delegates from across the country. With the mission of "To be the voice and face of students from Brazil's Civil Engineering", the fenec seeks to bring together and coordinate Their students by printing unit to its action towards solving Their common problems, and stimulate scientific development by Promoting activities, exchanges , events and awards.

Counting annually with a national event (ENEC) and regional three (EREEC-N / NE, EREEC-SE / CW and EREEC-South) the Federation Currently brings together 18 affiliated Entities Base, encompassing directly about 7,500 undergraduates in civil and present engineering in 9 states. The third and fourth edition of ENEC, held in Salvador / BA and Lawn / RS, respectivamente, strengthened the goal of the event to unite students from across the country, with about 1,500 congressmen per event, of the 27 states of the Federation, in who participated in lectures, short courses and presented scientific article production During the ENEC Award. Meanwhile, EREEC's regional reach Their goals, bringing together about 600 congressmen in each edition. The fenec is part of a network of Nearly 65,000 graduates, present in all the country's Federal Units, distributed in about 350 higher education institutions.




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