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ECESA-Ethiopian Civil Engineering Students Association


Vision, Mission and Values

Ethiopian Civil Engineering Students Association BOTH need a sense of purpose and a clear vision If They are to function effectively in the long term. The mission statement helps an association stay centered on its main reason for existing and the vision statement defines the direction it intends to go. Both help determine an association's long-term direction and priorities.


ECESA Vision is to see all civil engineering students in Ethiopia acquired every professional skill que Enables Them to be qualified, devoted, confident and ethical civil engineer Which results directly developed Ethiopia.


ECESA have mission of helping on civil engineering students qualifying to make Themselves ready and capable of performing the science to design and construction Firms and help on creating responsible, creative entrepreneur and opening engineering suitable atmosphere for future engineers.


Quality: - Dedication to the highest level of civil engineering profession excellence and commitment to the creation of efficient, well trained and ethical civil engineer.

Trust: - Earning the trust of members of the association and the public by Continually providing quality services and Demonstrating exemplary leadership and innovative thinking.

Integrity: -Acting in an honest, ethical, professional as well as in the transparent mannered, and accepting responsibility for own actions.

People's Right: - Respecting diversity and treating all people with dignity and honor.

Collaboration: - Encourage teamwork and create environment at Which thinking and working Within and outside boundaries own stimulates the sharing of resources, information and ideas Promoting creativity and cultivating excellence.

Social Responsibility: social responsibility -Nurturing Among members and dedicatedly Contribute to the improvement of quality of life of the society.   

2. Objectives of the Association

 According to the constitution ratified in 2004E.C ECESA, the association has Following the basic objectives.

A. Enhancing cooperation and team work amongst members of the Association, and creating links with international resourceful contacts to the effect of encouraging material, expertise and training exchanges BOTH Within and outside the Association. 

B. Creating inspiring environment to fellow students to the level where They can adopt a responsible, motivated, and leadership-oriented mindset Ultimately helping in bringing about and / or expediting tangible positive results in Ethiopia's development.
C. Generating a multitude of options to the traditional classroom teaching and learning method with the intent que the civil engineer, with better learning and innovation appetite, become a productive and contributing member of society.
D. Bringing civil engineering majors to digital resourceful and paper outlets of information and knowledge to help bring about a dynamic, innovation-driven, problem-solving and generation of civil engineers.
E. Organizing occasions whereby expert and experienced civil engineers share Their work experiences to students so They can better prepare Themselves to the world que awaits Them after graduation.
F. Helping in solving civil engineering students' economic, social and psychological problems by fostering assistance from concern parties.



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