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IACES Current News

  • General Board
    27-12-2015 20:07:04

    IACES Exchange LC meets LC

    LC Delft is organizing an international Exchange from 16-19 March. It will be held in Delft and will envolve some LCs like LC Porto. This Kind of events are popular in IACES, known by LC meets LC. The aim of this exchange is to promote IACES sp...

  • General Board
    11-11-2015 15:00:58

    The raise of L.C.Belgrade

    LC Belgrade started as an interesting way to create a strong cooperation between students within University of Belgrade itself but then it involved into an international scale. LC Belgrade quickly became an essential part of IACES international netwo...

  • LC Porto
    08-11-2015 15:53:56

    Intervention in 8th AECEF Symposium – Gequaltec

    Intervention in 8th AECEF Symposium – Gequaltec Na passada sexta-feira, dia 6 de novembro, a IACES - LC Porto, a convite do Prof. Alfredo Soeiro e do Departemento de Engenharia Civil, teve a oportunidade de estar presente no AECEF Symposium....

  • General Board
    12-10-2015 16:58:46

    Open Ceremony-Speach by Emre Aykar

    Today the Access participants were recived by host LC in Bogaziçi University with a speach from  Eng.Emre Aykar: Board Member of Yapi Merkezi Vice Presisent Turkish Contractor Association Vice President of FIEC  

  • General Board
    24-09-2015 15:25:55

    Echoes from 10th WCCE General Assembly

        The 10th General Assembly of the World Council of Civil Engineers (WCCE), a UN- Water partner, took place in Victoria Falls, from 15 - 19 September 2015, hosted by the Engineering Council of Zimbabwe on the occasion of UNESC...

  • LC Salerno
    02-06-2015 17:28:44

    Premio per Tesi di Laurea Magistrale sulla Sicurezza stradale - A.I.I.T.

    Il presidente dell'Ordine degli Ingegneri di Salerno Prof.Ing.Brigante e la Commissione Giovani Ingegneri e Donne Ingegneri ci comunicano questa opportunità . L'A.I.I.T. - Associazione Italiana per lIngegneria del Traffico e dei Tr...

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