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Celebrating 200 Years of Modern Engineering Education

Celebrating 200 Years of Modern Engineering Education
18:21:28 16-12-2016 IACES - LC Cairo Internatinal Activitie


Celebrating 200 Years of Modern Engineering Education

How many times will anyone have the chance to celebrate Their college's 200th anniversary? Some events can only be Witnessed once in a lifetime. This is why on 4th of February, we will start our first international event under the theme of "Celebrating 200 years of Modern Engineering Education in Egypt." This week is full of Academic and Cultural activities that are going to blow your minds. Participating in the project Scan the pyramids is just the start of many surprises.

Unfortunately, this event is exclusive, so the registration will be limited for only 6-7 LCs with max. 2-3 participants from each LC. The registration opens today and till 11.24.2016. The priority is for the early booking. The participation fees are 110, 130, 150 Euros for countries belonging to C, B, A respectfully groups. It includes the accommodation, transportation, food, activities, touristic places tickets, souvenirs and much more.

The detailed plan of the event is attached (pdf above). If you have any more inquiries, contact us through:

 Email: lccairo@iaces.org

Facebook page: IACES - Cairo University - Egypt

Registration link is below: Please do not register if you are not sure about your ability to attend causes the places are limited. Waiting for you all in Egypt for the adventure of your life.

Registration Link: https://www.formget.com/app/form/share/Lcpj-223047

VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/143189512


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