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ALUMNI Meeting Italy 2018

ALUMNI Meeting Italy 2018
15:17:55 08-09-2018 ALUMNI Club International Exchange


Alumni Meeting in Italy in September 2018


The Alumni Club was established in 1993 during ACCESS, held by LC Budapest. Since the early times, Alumni Club had started to provide IACES’ Alumni Meetings in local or regional events. In 2017, these meetings have gotten bigger dimension in attendants and countries represented. The meeting in the South of Italy is the third of the four planned for the year 2018.

The event calls "Alumni Club visits Local Committees" and its aim is to share Alumni experiences with Local Committees (LC) and their members (students and graduates). It will include visits to the two universities involved and the meeting, Bari (Politecnico di Bari) and Lecce (Università del Salento), and some relevant buildings where it takes place construction or rehabilitation works. It will take place in September 2018.


To apply you should send an email to Alumni.Club@iaces.net with your name, Local Committee, identification documents and phone contacts. The organizing committee is formed by Luis Luna (Coordinator of the Alumni Club and MSc from Politecnico di Bari), Francesco Defrenza (Building engineer graduated at Politecnico di Bari) and Vincenzo Valente (Building engineer and architect graduated at Politecnico di Bari).

Organizing Committee contacts:

Luís Luna - Alumni Club Coordinator


+351 938867833


Francesco Defrenza  - Alumni Meeting event Committee


+39 347 399 0738


Vincenzo Valente - Alumni Meeting event Committee


+39 328 689 1680





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