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Dont shake my HeartH

Dont shake my HeartH
00:40:20 05-08-2017 LC Salerno Internatinal Activitie


Salerno, Italy


The event is over.

18-09-2017 to 18-09-2017


LC Salerno is back with the Brand New International Event!
After the last one about Sustainable Engineering, this time we are going to discuss the Seismic Engineering.

It is known the frightful earthquake Which hit the centre of Italy last August. We decided to go from this horrible circumstance and focus on Seismic Resistant Buildings in which Civil Engineerings play an important role.
The event "Don't shake my hearth" will draw the attention on seismic-engineering highlighting several important aspects of this subject.

Therefore, on September from 18th to 23rd, we are going to find out every detail about this topic That is Becoming more and more relevant in our society.
We hope to see you in Italy!

APPLICATION: https://goo.gl/forms/ZgZZGZFpzNpLi56p1






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