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ACCESS 15 Istanbul

ACCESS 15 Istanbul
11:25:39 13-10-2015 General Board ACCESS




The event is over.

18-10-2015 to 18-10-2015


ACCESS in Istanbul, organized by LC Boğaziçi!! 
Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, constituting the countrys economic, cultural, and historical heart. Istanbul is a transcontinental city in Eurasia, which is connected by the Bosphorus Bridge.The Bosphorus seperates the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea . For the reason that Istanbul is a sea surrounded city, you will have that amazing sea view in every place you go.Istanbul hosted many empires as a capital which is why it has so many historical places. Generally, its commercial and historical centre lies on the European side.Beside its history and its geographic location, İstanbul nights are also worth to mention.Istiklal street is the heart of nightlife.You can dance till the sunshine :)

About LC Boğaziçi
Boğaziçi University takes pride in its lively and colorful campus life. To complement and enrich the academic experience with an active campus life, the university supports student clubs, arts and sports activities. Campus life aims to cultivate a liberal, democratic and happy Boğaziçi community.Many of the University's buildings are located on its South Campus, with the Bosphorus and the historical castle of Rumelihisar as its boundary to the east. This campus encompasses the oldest buildings of the University.

Between 12-18 October 2015 , ACCESS 15 will be organized by LC Boğaziçi, in İstanbul. This will be a memorable week! Here are the little tips for the week:
• GAR(The General Assembly of Representatives)
• Seminars
• The Key Activity
• Contest about Earthquake
• City tour
• Soft drinks and parties!
• And HAMAM!!

For more information and registration, see here.

Any questions, contact access.lcbogazici@gmail.com





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