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17:11:01 02-10-2015 Rui Bessa Internatinal Activitie




The event is over.

31-08-2015 to 06-08-2015





The local committee IACES of Salerno is glad to invite you to its first international event: "GREENGINEERING".  

The aim of the event is to analyze the different aspects of design and how it has become necessary, over the years, to invent a more sustainable design possible.

There will be a lot of topic like green buildingsrecyclingsmart city and transportationhome automation and energy management.  

The event will also be an opportunity to visit the beautiful landscapes of Italy, know the culture and taste flavors.  

The event is planned for the first week of September, at it will be held at the Campus of Salernofrom 31st August to 6th September 2015.

There will be two days of conferences, some construction sites and a lot of parties and cultural and tourist activities 

The nearest aiport is Naples, it takes 50minutes by bus to Salerno.   

APPLICATION FORMhttp://goo.gl/forms/YZosBhLQYM

The temporary schedule and info about the nearest aiport, how to reach salerno and how will be the accomodation will be comunicated by e-mail.  

The partecipation fee will be :

1) A-Countries 125€

2) B-Countries 110€

3) C-Countries 95€

  (What is your country ? Check here http://iaces.org/finances)  

The partecipation fee includes every meals (breakfast,lunch and dinner),every local transportation and every things you will need to do planned activities.

It's not included the transportation from/to the airport to/from Salerno.  

If you need VISA you have to send us a student certificate per email (student certificate is every kind of official doc will prove you are a student of your University)  

If you have any problem or question, you can contact us on our e-mail address lcsalerno@iaces.com.     

Best regards to all of you. 

 See you in Salerno!  





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