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Mid-Term Meeting 2019

Mid-Term Meeting 2019
00:14:08 31-12-2018 LC Lisbon INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE


Lisbon, Portugal


38 days / 8 hours

24-02-2019 to 03-03-2019


IACES’s MTM’19 is going to take place in Lisbon, Portugal! We would like to invite you all to visit the beautiful capital city of Portugal and LC Lisbon’s Instituto Superior Técnico!

The event will occur from February 24 until the 3rd of March. The preliminary schedule is already available with most of the activities prepared for you.

To start arranging your accommodation and invitation letters (if needed) we would like to ask you to fill in the Registration Form for each applicant per LC/OG until the 3rd of February.

Participation Fees:

For the participants who are undergraduate:
A Countries – 193€
B Countries – 184€
C Countries – 175€
D Countries – 166€

For the alumni who have been a graduate for 1 year:
A Countries – 231€
B Countries – 221€
C Countries – 212€
D Countries – 202€

For the alumni who have been a graduate for more than 1 year:
A Countries – 276€
B Countries – 248€
C Countries – 230€
D Countries – 220€

Please bear in mind that the maximum number of participants per LC/OG is 2. (Please contact us if you request additional applicants)

Registration Form: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=EUjqXdqo2UGb0iL-BSPrbXFUokoos-JOlF3vCP7cy8BURVVBUFhCOU5MREZQOUhDRFpKRks5RzRZViQlQCN0PWcu

Facebook Event:  (Soon will be shared in IACES's Facebook Page)

LC Lisbon: iaceslisboa@forumcivil.com
General Board: iaces@gb.net


Clique aqui para ver o pdf




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