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About Us

LC METU is one of the two LCs located in Ankara, Turkey. Celebrating our tenth anniversary, LC METU always tries to plan its activities in a greater scope than civil engineering. We can proudly say that our main events, our annual publication of KariyerCE and Career Days, are somewhat traditionalized and we try to keep them to a certain standard every year. KariyerCE magazine is written, designed, edited, printed and shipped to other universities and construction companies by civil engineering students and published at the end of every academic year. Career Days takes place on every Monday and Tuesday of March with keynote speeches, company presentations and Q&A sessions with guests from every corner of the sector, not only with engineers but also with executives, HR personnel and academics. Career Days is not our self-improvement event as LC METU continues to offer its members a wide range of options; from seminars on soft skills like interview techniques and CV writing to software training like Photoshop and Matlab. Since fall of 2014 we are organizing an annual HSE Seminar to underline importance of safe and proper working conditions in construction industry. LC METU is also dedicated to less talked areas of civil engineering. For this purpose we have annual ethics seminars and panels on innovation and women’s place in civil engineering. Moreover, we organize site visits to different parts of Turkey every semester and have fundraising and charity events for disadvantaged schools in eastern parts of the country. LC METU supports forestation efforts around Ankara and to this donated and planted lots of saplings around Ankara.

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ODTÜ İnşaat Mühendisliği Bölümü K1 Binası IACES ODTÜ Topluluk Odası İnönü Bulvarı 06531 Ankara, Turquia Telefon: 0312 210 74 41 Faks: 0312 210 54 01 info@iacesmetu.org



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